Our philosophy


A new concept of hospitality

An idea born between Europe, Asia
and an all across
the globe travel

Here we are, we are Maurizio and Isabella, for all Icio and Isa, owners of Open Hotel and the creative minds of the entire project.

After having spent countless years getting to know the world, experiencing Taipei, Taiwan as a real “home” first, and then Milan, we have decided to bring our experience back to Rimini, our hometown.

The thought behind our project is a cosmopolitan, avant-garde and never predictable vision: an “Open” approach to hospitality in all its aspects.

A Lifestyle in which inspirations from around the world and the welcome of the land that hosts us, Romagna, converge in a Smart Luxury perspective.

Welcome to our Hotel

We are aware of the impact that the tourism industry can have on the environment and the local community. For this reason, in the construction of Open Hotel, we adopted an eco-sustainable and green building criteria: a responsible and sustainable approach to ensure that our impact is as positive as possible.

We have also launched an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) process which aims at obtaining a certification that proves our concrete and objective commitment towards these issues.

… where Sustainability, Green Philosophy and Design are at the heart of our vision

Our actions

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities through the use of innovative technologies and ecological solutions such as green design, rainwater recycling solutions, global energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Photovoltaic panels to reduce energy consumption

Linoleum floors and antibacterial tiles treated with silver ions

Available electric

Support to local businesses in the choice of building products

Collaboration with
non-profit organizations to support social projects

Availability of charging stations for electric cars

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Dress For Love charity event

For All - You Need
Is Inclusiveness!

The “For All” philosophy represents our commitment to creating accessible and inclusive spaces for all our guests. This means that 11 out of 36 rooms, the Lifestyle area and the Workspace are designed to be easily usable by anyone who needs a truly practical environment to live in.

Technology is also a factor we care a lot about: Maxi screens, Smart Check-In, Building System Automation, Fiber and Wi-Fi and Automatic Lights Design are now indispensable.

We thought we’d add a plus: have you ever seen beds floating in the air and suspended tables?

At Open Hotel you can.

The entire furniture design was conceived in collaboration
with Lago Design , which has decided to become our partner in interior space design.

Together we have designed environments with flexible and innovative solutions with a clear goal:

Meeting the needs of contemporary living

Have we succeeded? Come and meet us!


Ncc Linate Aeroporto

Linate – Milano

Max 4 posti: da 40€

Max 8 posti: da 55€

Linate – Monza

Max 4 posti: da 50€

Max 8 posti: da 70€

Linate – Como

Max 4 posti: da 110€

Max 8 posti: da 145€

Linate – Malpensa

Max 4 posti: da 140€

Max 8 posti: da 180€

Linate – Lugano

Max 4 posti: da 180€

Max 8 posti: da 240€


Max 4 posti

Max 8 posti

Linate – Milano

da 40€

da 55€

Linate – Monza

da 50€

da 70€

Linate – Como

da 110€

da 145€

Linate – Malpensa

da 140€

da 180€

Linate – Lugano

da 180€

da 240€